Harry Duncton
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I write about tools. I also write about tech, and other stuff.Hire me if you want someone to do your writing for you.

Hello. I'm a freelance writer, journalist, and content creator.

What does that mean?

I write words for a living, focusing on cool stuff like power tools, gardening equipment, home tech and even holidays. It's where I get to work with amazing clients like BBC Gardeners' World Magazine and DIYGarden.

What am I good at?

Whether it's writing in-depth reviews of exciting home and garden technology like the latest robotic lawnmower, or helping people choose a drill for their next home renovation job, I try to keep things clear and conversational.

Who am I?

I was born in South London but moved down to Exeter in Devon nearly a decade ago. It's a marvellous place to spend time and raise a family. I like listening to heavy metal and drinking ruby port.